International Judo Federation

ID Card Ordering System

"The card holder commits himself to respect all the IJF by-laws, specially Anti-doping and betting regulations."

Terms and Conditions


With regards to the use of the IJF ID card provided by Klapp Communications Kft., member of Pauker group (here in after referred to as: Klapp Kft.), (registered office: 1047 Budapest, Baross utca 11-15, VAT number: 13463809-2-13).

1. Application for the IJF ID card:

Each Federation registered at the IJF is eligible to apply for the „Official” ID card

Each natural person qualified as a consumer is eligible to apply for a „Fan”card

Applying for a card is contingen to agreeing the se terms and conditions.Only the application performed by the Client on website concludes the agreement under the terms of this T&C. Applicants are required to provide their name, date of birth, address and are required to upload a photo of themselves. Failure to provide any of the above might result in there pudiation of the application by Klapp Kft.

2. Use of the card

Owner of the „Official” card is eligible to participate in the competition organized by the International Judo Federation, further more, the owner of the „Official” card is entitled to recourse the discount provided by IJF partnerslisted on website.

Owner of the „Fan” card is entitled to recourse the discount provided by IJF partnerslisted on website.

The card is valid 2 years from the issue date.

During the usage of the card Klapp Kft. does not investigate the identity of the card owner, therefore Klapp Kft. in no events hall be liable for unauthorized use of thecard. The card may only be used by a natural person qualified as a consumer, business entities and/or resellers are not entitled to recourse the discoun tand to use the card issued to a natural person.

3. Procedure if the ID card is lost or damaged

It is beyond the power of Klapp Kft. to issue a new card if the card is lost or damaged

4. Period of thecard

The duration of present contractc on cerning the use of the card between the contracted parties concludes for a fixed 2 year period. The contract terminates after the conclusion of the fixed 2 year period. After this term the consumer is required to apply for a new card.

5. Amendment of the T&C

Klapp Kft. is entitled to the unilateral amend ment of present T&C in order to provide higher standard, more efficient as well as new services to their consumers. Klapp Kft. informs card owners via e-mail and newsletter 30 days prior to the amend ment of the T&C. The information contains the exact references to the amend ments, the effective date of the amend ment and the accessibility of the modified T&C.

6. Conditions of assumption, contact

Upon completion of the application requested by the Client, the Contractor automatically sends an Application confirmation to the Client once the credit card transaction is successfully performed.

7. Payment

The prices indicated in the offers, the confirmations sent electronically via the online system and the invoices of the Contractor are charged with the VAT specified in the prevailing legislation, which – in addition to the price – shall also be borne by the Client. The offer price and the invoice price are both net unit prices and concern a specified number of product units. The prices specified by the Contractor do not include the packaging and delivery costs of the particular product; these are added to the invoice through the online system after the selection of the payment and delivery parameters.

VAT payment responsibility:
Company w/n EU: 0% VAT
Individual w/n EU: 27% VAT, if they do not have an EU VAT number
Individual w/n EU: 0% VAT, if they have an EU VAT number
Company not from EU: 0% VAT
Individual not from EU: 0% VAT
Hungary-based company: 27% VAT
Hungarian individual: 27% VAT

Payment by credit card: The Client shall pay for the ordered product at the payment module of the order process. The card data are submitted at the own webpage of OTP Bank so the Contractor is not aware of the credit card data of the Client and is only informed of the satisfactory fulfillment.

8. Delivery

The Contractor shall deliver the final product to the DHL shipping company in 10 working days following the confirmation on the feasibility of the order.

In case of product order, the Client shall carry out the comprehensive check of the package at the time of delivery and in case of complete fulfillment it shall sign the acknowledgement of receipt. Thereafter the Contractor cannot accept any complaints on shortcomings. Complaints on the delivery and the ordered items shall be documented in the presence of the representative of the shipping company by means of writing a report.

Pick up in person is not possible.